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Are you looking for CFO and Exit Strategy services for your Dallas/Fort Worth based business? B2B CFO® has the tools, talent and experience to help you reach your goals. B2B CFO® has what you need with more than 25 years of experience helping small to mid-size privately held businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth region. Please take a good look around our website, review our partners, and take advantage of our free business check-up, The Discovery Analysis™. We offer this complimentary service to all business owners, and we would love to show you what we can do to improve your business. Take the first step and compare your performance with other businesses in your industry to help you reach your full potential.

See what the Discovery Analysis™ can do for you. Click on one of our partners mentioned above and complete the submission form. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Recent Articles

May 13Glen Katlein

Dallas/Fort Worth SBA Loan FAQs

May 13Glen Katlein

For most small business owners, finding financing and working capital can be an overwhelming task.  The process can be confusing, frustrating and time consuming. Worst of all, it can take you away from running your business.   However, it can also be one of the most important decisions a business owner will face with implications that benefit, or burden, the company far into the future.

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May 6Bob Boulanger

The Realistic Value of Your Business

May 6Bob Boulanger

The subject of the realistic value of your business can be one of the most difficult topics during the exit strategy process. Business owners often feel:

  • Buyers and appraisers are intentionally undervaluing the business
  • The prospective buyer does not really understand the true value of the business
  • The various valuation methods are not realistic ways to calculate value
  • Not enough value is given to intangibles, such as employees, customers, etc.

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Apr 29Chris James

The 5 things you should not do when looking for a commercial loan.

Apr 29Chris James

I’ve said this before and here it comes again.  The banks are lending money.  Not like they were in the early 2000’s but that’s OK., lending was way over the top back then.

But if you do need a loan, then please put your best foot forward.  That means don’t do any of the following:

  1. DON’T give your banker bad financial statements.  This is the number one reason my banker friends tell me they turn down loans.  The financials are such a mess or they don’t tie out to previous years or tax returns, that the banker has no trust in them.  Loan Denied.

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Apr 23Glen Katlein

7 Questions to Ask before you Sell your Business

Apr 23Glen Katlein

The act of selling your business is not something you want to do in the spur of the moment. This particular situation requires deep rational thoughts; otherwise you might have regrets later in your life. From a sheer financial standpoint, you have to make sure you get what your business really deserves and settle for nothing less, if of course your final decision is to sell.…

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Profit Improvement Solutions



Profit Improvement is frequently not as difficult as it may seem. In essence profit improvement occurs when revenues are increased, costs are decreased, or preferably both. The CFOs of B2B CFO have significant experience in the profit improvement process and have many profit improvement solutions!

Proudfoot Consulting, a global consulting group, says it this way: “All work is a process and all processes can be analyzed and improved.”.…

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