Month: January 2013

Sense of Urgency

I was recently reminded of the difference between working with a small business and working with a very large business. I was meeting with a long time client and we were discussing the projects that were on our agenda to accomplish in a very short period of time when the two of us realized after… Read more »

11 Ideas for Growing a Fort Worth Business

Need ideas on ways to expand your business? Look at offering new products or your existing products or services to these growing industry segments. Adapting your products or services may take some planning, financial models or adding some technical resources, but it may position you well for the next economic wave. This article from Inc.… Read more »

Have You Hired The Right Bank (continued)

original article  shared by Partner- Brian Christian It is entirely appropriate for a business owner/CEO to do some self-examination first. A good start is to ask some or all of the following questions: • What do I want out of my bank besides money? • Can my internal controls be enhanced with cash management tools?… Read more »

Making the Game of Work

A key element in planning and understanding your business is measurement. Each month as owner, you get the scorecard of profitability. Helping the organization understand how their actions impact that profitability requires analysis, measurement and communication. Most likely, as the founder of the business you have a gut sense of what works in the business… Read more »