Month: June 2013

5 Helpful Government Websites for Small Business Owners

By Rieva Lesonsky One key to success for small business owners is to accept help whenever it’s offered, whether it’s guidance about applying for a small business loan or advice on small business marketing. The federal government is a great resource for entrepreneurs, offering everything from useful websites to free business counseling. If you need help (and what small… Read more »

Improve Your Banking Relationship

Think your small business will need a line of credit or another type of loan in the future? You may want to cultivate a stronger relationship with your banker(s) now. Doing so can help you obtain more personal service, better terms, and preferential rates. Here are a few tips for forging deeper connections. Make Friends… Read more »

The Exit Strategy Seminar

The Exit Strategy™ Seminar The DFW area B2B CFO®partners are excited about organizing an educational event for business owners that adds Texas Ranger baseball entertainment afterwards. The event will provide educational advice to business owners with respect to the following three (3) key questions: Do you know how much you need to sell your business… Read more »

Two Truths and a Lie

How confident are you about your business? There is an old children’s game called “Two Truths and a Lie.” The idea was to tell three things about themselves, then their friends needed to figure out which one of those three things was not true. Try playing this game with three statements about your business –… Read more »

Exit planning is a Complex Decision

Exit planning is a Complex Decision When considering an exit from your privately-held business, there are a number of obstacles that can get in the way of success. It is easiest to view your business exit in two distinct parts – first, an exit is a very complex decision. Then, once a decision has been… Read more »