Month: July 2013

Partners to Host Exit Strategy Seminar (TOMORROW)

Partners to Host Exit Strategy Seminar  If you’re wondering how much your business is worth and want to explore strategies for getting the most out of selling it, you won’t want to miss this Exit Strategy Seminar hosted by the B2B CFO® DFW Partners on Tuesday, July 30th at the Rangers Ballpark. After presentations by… Read more »

Why do we still have fax numbers?

Keeping current is important in every business.  Products need to utilize current technology.  This goes for the internal tools as well as the external products.  Have you looked to see how you might utilize online forms and remote access to improve record keeping and streamline data reporting?  What about file sharing?  Have you looked at… Read more »

Six reasons why you need a CFO

Original article shared by The Morning Bulletin, There are two types of people reading this article – those who have a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) in their business and those who don’t. I suspect that a large majority of you fall into the second category. But how many of you should fall into the first?… Read more »

Exit Planning is a Fluid Process

Thank you to Partner, Larry Strauss for sharing this article: As an owner of your privately-held business, you are the captain of your ship, so to speak. You control the rudder and the helm, steering your business in the direction of opportunity and profitability while also avoiding dangers that could ‘sink’ the enterprise. However, all… Read more »