Month: August 2013

Exit Planning: Two Elements to a Business Transfer

Owners who start to think about exiting their business often fancy the idea that someone else will certainly want to own their company after them.  These owners look at the struggles that they faced to get the business up and running relative to the stability and lifestyle that they are living today.  The natural thought… Read more »

Sharing the Profits Requires Some Tough Calls

In my search to set up a profit-sharing program, I thought carefully about ways to make the plan predictable and rational. Eventually, I arrived at the conclusion that it should be based on two metrics that we could easily track: our actual costs and our actual output, measured as the value of work that we… Read more »

Get a loan from what you already own

Original article shared by Nick Raphaely Cashflow is essential to small business. But what do you do when the bank turns you down? Forget the bank – why not just lend yourself the money? What if you already had the assets you needed for short term loan, but didn’t even realise it? Personal asset lending… Read more »

Business growth – are you ready for the next level?

he prospect of expanding beyond a home or small office operation is something that quite often stirs at the heart of many small business owners. Any small business owner that’s had a taste of success will have contemplated ramping up their business in one way or another. Rapid business growth can be an exciting time… Read more »