Month: November 2013

Small Employers Shop the SHOP Exchange

Original content: Starting in 2014, small employers may chose to make health-care coverage available to their employees through the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP). The SHOP Exchange, also known as a SHOP Marketplace, allows the employer to select qualified health plans in the small group market from which employees may get coverage. The… Read more »

Seven Conclusions About Small-Business Health Insurance

Original post from NYTimes By PAUL DOWNS Staying Alive The struggles of a business trying to survive. In my recent posts, I have told the story of how I started to explore my options for renewing my insurance this year. It’s been my habit in writing for this blog to try to convey useful information,… Read more »

Property and Casualty Insurance Rates Continue to Rise

Posted by Pat O’Brien Property and casualty insurance rates continued to rise during the third quarter for both commercial and individual policies extending the pricing climb started late last year. Travelers Insurance said their rates increased an average of 7% while Dallas-based MarketScout said the overall average increase for all lines of business was 5%.… Read more »

Some Accountants are the Blind Leading the Blind

by Gary Cokins in Strategy Management I recently met a managerial consultant whose intentions were sincere, however his advice was surprising, but not totally surprising, to me. He mentioned to me that a company had inquired to him whether they should consider using activity-based costing (ABC). His next step was initially encouraging. He contacted the… Read more »

Gross Profit Optimization

IMPROVE YOUR PROFITABILITY Gross Profit (or gross margin) is a very important financial measure in almost every type of company. It is the profit from sales before administrative, sales and marketing expense, interest and other expense. It is important to focus on Direct Margin as a component of Gross Profit: Direct margin equals sales less direct costs. For a manufactured product direct… Read more »