Month: April 2014


The Vermont House of Representatives passed H.552 by voice vote on April 9, and sent the bill on to the Senate for consideration.  H.552, would raise Vermont’s minimum wage to $10.10 per hour beginning January 1, 2015.  The 2015 timeline represents a far more aggressive pace than the one called for by Governor Shumlin, who… Read more »

How To Reduce Costs When Starting A Business

Shared Via Careerealism by Brenda Panin Entrepreneurs who anticipate quick startup, growth, and success when undertaking a business venture forget that the accomplishment of such goals requires proper utilization of the right entrepreneurial strategies. A worthy business venture demands that the business leaders and managers should work out a means to cut down operational costs, ensure… Read more »

Starting that new venture

Existing and new business owners frequently look to hire key talent to spawn a new idea.  My discussions with them in planning these ventures, we work through the financial plans, marketing ideas, goals and often incentives.  At some point we typically discuss and debate corporate structure and the “partner.”  Should the new key manager have… Read more »

Five questions that can help small business owners anticipate the unexpected

Small business owners naturally dislike negative surprises in monthly, quarterly, and annual results. While some events are genuinely unpredictable — a “storm of the century” weather disaster, government shutdown, or last minute delay in a long-time customer’s planned order — plenty of others should come as no surprise. In my experience a frequent source of… Read more »

How to exit your small business gracefully

Posted by Mark Auerbach on April 10, 2014 There may come a day, when you seriously have to debate whether to keep your business going, or whether it’s time to close down and move in different directions. The choice as to whether to go on or not may not be totally yours, but how you… Read more »