Month: June 2014

How to Communicate a Pay Raise

By Susan M. Heathfield When you think about communicating a pay raise to an employee, you likely think win-win. And, this is the best case scenario. But, even announcing a salary increase is fraught with details that can go wrong handled incorrectly. In a 2007 survey 29% of respondents say thatpay communication is the component of their rewards program… Read more »

Why You Need A CFO

Original post shared by  Partner, Jim Anderson Sometimes the hardest task I have, is to explain to business owners and my networking contacts what exactly a CFO does. In simple terms a CFO is a highly experienced financial executive, who can help drive your business to greater profitability and end value using a variety of techniques… Read more »

Being A Leader Within Your Company- Making Decisions

Tips for Wise Decision-Making As you manage your business, you will be faced with important decisions that may impact the future of your company. This may seem stressful, but keep these tips in mind and you’ll find yourself making wiser decisions in no time: Define, as specifically as possible, what the decision is that needs… Read more »

Being A Leader Within Your Company- Managing Employees

The company employee handbook is one of the most important communication tools between your company and your employees. Not only does it set forth your expectations for your employees, but it also describes what they can expect from the company. It is essential that your company has one and that it be as clear and… Read more »