Month: November 2014

Article: Why Business Owners Have a Hard Time Delegating

Why Business Owners Have a Hard Time Delegating Delegation is always a challenge.  This article highlights some simple issues.  In working with a number of Fort Worth businesses I’ve found that many business owners simply have so much on their plate that it is hard to follow up on delegated items. Having a trusted manager… Read more »

Five things to consider when selling your business

So the time has come where you want to sell your small business and try something different or work towards retirement, when it comes to selling a business planning is one of the biggest aspects to a successful sale. Here are the top five things to consider when you are preparing to sell a business.… Read more »

Advice for small business owners selling their business

If you’re planning on unlocking some extra equity by selling your business to retire or to try a new business venture, there are a number of things that you need to understand before selling your business. It’s important to not only sell your business legally but also to make sure that you can get the… Read more »

Vision, Mission, and Strategy

In undertaking the planning process, the vision and mission statements provide a foundation for everyone:  customers, employees, vendors, and other stakeholders.  Similar in purpose, these statements may even be combined into one statement.  Both work to identify the purpose of the organization.  The vision statement brings in values – how the organization is to act. … Read more »

How to Get Cash Out of Your Business

Today I am sharing an article from Partner, Charles Sonneborn How to Get Cash WITHOUT Going to the Bank a/k/a Managing Accounts Receivable Every business needs cash in order to be successful. When times are good, cash (along with many other important metrics) can be forgotten and overlooked. When times are bad, the individual entrepreneur,… Read more »