Month: December 2014

Financial Outlook for US based SMEs in 2015

2015 may prove a good year for small us based businesses. Major forecasts of economic indicators are pointing towards sales and profit growth in small businesses. After the slow growth in the fourth quarter of this year, there is a good chance of economic development in 2015. Although the interest rates are bound to increase… Read more »

6 Tips for Finding and Training a Successor

All small business owners knows that a day will come when they are ready to retire or move away from running the business full-time. However, that doesn’t mean you want your business to retire with you, particularly after you’ve put so much energy into making it a success. If you want to make sure your business… Read more »

Heads up from B2B CFO® – 2014 Tax Updates

Tax rates have gone up significantly. THE TOP INCOME TAX RATE as well as the top short term capital gains rate WENT FROM 35% IN 2013 TO 39.6% IN 2014 – AN INCREASE OF 13.14%. The LONG TERM capital GAINS rate WENT UP FROM 15% TO 20% – A 33% INCREASE . Additionally, there is… Read more »

5 Time Management Techniques Worth Using

By Dan S. Kennedy Technique #1: Make and use lists. There is not a single time management discipline or system on earth that doesn’t revolve around making and using lists. You cannot carry it all in your head. For years, I’ve operated with four basic lists: 1. My Schedule. This is for the entire year,… Read more »