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5 Common Small Business Challenges

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Original article shared by Edward Allon

In working with small growing entrepreneurial businesses, I have discovered several common financial related issues with which they struggle. When I first start working with these businesses, most if not all of these issues exist. All of them are critical to their success in managing and growing their businesses.…

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Increase Productivity, Not Payroll

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While interviewing hundreds of small business owners and employers, I came to realize that the single largest challenge for small businesses is to find and keep the right employees. In fact, a Columbia University study estimates that replacing a lost employee can cost 150% of that person’s annual salary.…

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Selling A Small Business—12 Crucial Steps

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By Peter Siegel, MBA

Only 30 percent of all businesses for sale that are put on the market are sold—a surprising statistic to most owners, agents, and business brokers trying to sell a business. If however you follow the steps and tips below your chances of selling dramatically increases.

Have All Records Ready Before You Go To Market

Have these items ready before the business goes on the market to be sold: The last three years of federal tax returns for the business being sold, the last three years of financials (profit & loss statement, balance sheet), the last three years of monthly bank statements, copy of current lease, list of all equipment being sold with the business, etc.

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Build Your Business to Maximize It’s Value

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by David Casebere 

Build your business to maximize its value

Here are 5 things you can do now to strengthen the value of your business.

1) Define your business goals and create a well-structured business plan. These two items are your roadmap to success. Without them the old adage that “failure to plan = planning to fail” is absolutely true.…

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10 Questions to Ask When Working With an Accountant

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Solely relying on free or inexpensive online small-business accounting tools instead of investing the services of a trained professional accountant can be a costly mistake that entrepreneurs make all too often. Don’t be one of them.

Springing for a licensed accountant can be worth every extra penny you spend, says ff Venture Capital chief financial officer Alex Katz.…

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