Month: January 2015

5 Common Small Business Challenges

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Original article shared by Edward Allon In working with small growing entrepreneurial businesses, I have discovered several common financial related issues with which they struggle. When I first start working with these businesses, most if not all of these issues exist. All of them are critical to their success in managing and growing their businesses.… Read more »

Increase Productivity, Not Payroll

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original source: While interviewing hundreds of small business owners and employers, I came to realize that the single largest challenge for small businesses is to find and keep the right employees. In fact, a Columbia University study estimates that replacing a lost employee can cost 150% of that person’s annual salary. That’s a high… Read more »

10 Questions to Ask When Working With an Accountant

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Solely relying on free or inexpensive online small-business accounting tools instead of investing the services of a trained professional accountant can be a costly mistake that entrepreneurs make all too often. Don’t be one of them. Springing for a licensed accountant can be worth every extra penny you spend, says ff Venture Capital chief financial officer Alex Katz. A… Read more »