Month: February 2015

Insights from PwC’s US Family Business Survey

Light Bulb In The Dark

Recently, PWC released its 7th Family Business survey, the findings are as follows: The US report captures the views of 154 owners, leaders and top executives of US family businesses and is one component of PwC’s global survey of 2,400 companies across over 40 countries.   This is PwC’s seventh Family Business Survey, which is… Read more »

Pricing Management

Different Graphs For Data

Pricing Management Many companies can improve pricing/gross profit margins by identifying overlooked cost factors and implementing strategic actions based on more reliable cost information and industry benchmark data. Service Jobs Does your business require fixed price job estimates? Do you have reliable industry benchmark data to validate your perception of competitor pricing/bidding? Do you get… Read more »

How a CFO can benefit your small business

Man Showing Different Ways To Improve Success

A consultant CFO can be very beneficial for your small business. A consultant CFO can add value to your small business by analyzing the different factions of your small business and eventually coming up with ways to reduce the cost of doing business. He is the ” go to” guy when you need to efficiently… Read more »