Month: March 2015

SME Financing the Smart Way

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Why Business Need Finance   Running a business could be incredibly costly. You need to pay expenses like purchasing machinery, renting warehouses, paying for marketing expenses and so on. All businesses around the world have to pay for the resources that they consume for their business. After the business has setup completely the cash will… Read more »

Tips for Profit Growth

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Many established firms are still struggling with the economy and are not sure if they are winning. Sales might be recovering, but profitability is still down, and cash flow has barely broken even over the last 12 months. They have cut back costs as far as possible, reducing staff, overhead, purchases and even marketing costs,… Read more »

Financial Outlook for US based SMEs in 2015

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2015 may prove a good year for small us based businesses. Major forecasts of economic indicators are pointing towards sales and profit growth in small businesses. After the slow growth in the fourth quarter of this year, there is a good chance of economic development in 2015. Although the interest rates are bound to increase… Read more »