Month: April 2015

7 Questions to Ask before you Sell your Business

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The act of selling your business is not something you want to do in the spur of the moment. This particular situation requires deep rational thoughts; otherwise you might have regrets later in your life. From a sheer financial standpoint, you have to make sure you get what your business really deserves and settle for… Read more »

Profit Improvement Solutions

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  Profit Improvement is frequently not as difficult as it may seem. In essence profit improvement occurs when revenues are increased, costs are decreased, or preferably both. The CFOs of B2B CFO have significant experience in the profit improvement process and have many profit improvement solutions! Proudfoot Consulting, a global consulting group, says it this… Read more »

Vision, Mission, and Strategy

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In undertaking the planning process, the vision and mission statements provide a foundation for everyone:  customers, employees, vendors, and other stakeholders.  Similar in purpose, these statements may even be combined into one statement.  Both work to identify the purpose of the organization.  The vision statement brings in values – how the organization is to act. … Read more »