Month: October 2015

5 Smart Tips For Successfully Selling Your Business

Erasing Impossible To Become Possible

Selling the business you’ve worked for years to build—and nurture and grow—isn’t quite like unloading your used car once it hits 100,000 miles. The stakes are enormous, and they’re often personal. Sure, automobiles can signify a sentimental relationship for many drivers, but for most small-business owners, the story of their own company is attached to… Read more »

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Names B2B CFO Among Nation’s Top 100 Small Businesses at the 2015 Small Business Summit

U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE NAMES B2B CFO AMONG NATION’S TOP 100 SMALL BUSINESSES AT THE 2015 SMALL BUSINESS SUMMIT    B2B CFO’s Founder Jerry L. Mills brings top concerns of Small Business Owners and discusses Free Enterprise with members of Congress and Press   MESA, Ariz. [July 7, 2015] –    B2B CFO, the nation’s largest… Read more »

Keep It Simple (part 4)

Keep It Simple

There was an article that first appeared in the February 2006 issue of Entrepreneur that is about finding focus and fine-tuning your business. We all get lost in the details and day-in-day-out stresses of management. Our conclusion post shared by the DFW B2B team outlines going back to basics. 17. Do some data mining. What do customers think about your… Read more »