Month: November 2015

10 Ways to Keep Your Company’s Cash Flow Alive

Cash Flow

Most people who have never had businesses of their own think that owning a business automatically means you have dough. “Sure, you can get the check because you can just write it off.” Seriously? Do these people understand that having a business is the most delicate balancing act of cash management that anyone can probably undertake? The cash… Read more »

Core Competency. Outsource the rest.

Mountain View By Lake

I want to share a post from a while back that still rings true. The following article portrays 3 examples of why it is important to focus on what your company well, and outsource the rest: One of my clients provides specialty products to the military. My client designs and engineers the products. They contract out the manufacturing. Their… Read more »

Why Every CFO Should Invest in Essential Technology

Essential Technology

by Amy Higgins When making technology decisions, today’s CFOs (or CIOs, or whoever oversees technology investments) navigate a tricky path. Their mission – to choose technology that will pay for itself, yield ROI for the business, and appease all company stakeholders – may in fact seem impossible. What’s more, there isn’t exactly a true roadmap for… Read more »