Month: March 2017

5 Tips on How to Negotiate Better Deals

handshake - negotiation

While some people have an innate knack for negotiating business deals, many people lack confidence in this area and could negotiate better business deals. If negotiation skills don’t come naturally to you or you’re just interesting in being the best negotiator possible, the good news is that you can improve these skills with education and… Read more »

Financial Strategies Must Adapt to Market Conditions


Considering human nature, it’s tempting for most people to avoid change even when it means failure. But in today’s fast evolving market place, you can’t sit back and do thing the same to stay ahead. As technology changes and market differences exert themselves, companies must continually adapt their overall goals and in turn rely on… Read more »

7 Ways to Cut Expenses & Save Thousands of Dollars Each Month

Most small business owners worry about how to cut expenses and save money. Sometimes that means cutting corners even when it could actually hurt your business or not taking your full salary to keep the business afloat. While sometimes these activities are necessary, many business owners don’t realize they could avoid these issues and save… Read more »