Month: July 2017

Dynamic Stability: Oxymoron or Key to Financial Growth?

The modern market demands that business owners and CFOs balance two seemingly contradictory tasks to achieve financial growth. They must maintain the stable core of the business while simultaneously looking for innovative ways to adapt to future challenges to maximize long-term financial growth. This concept of “dynamic stability” is the focus of a great article… Read more »

Why an ESOP May Be an Excellent Exit Strategy

If you’re looking ahead and considering how to position your business for an eventual sale or exit, an ESOP (Employee Stock Option Program) can be an excellent route to take.  ESOPs help preserve the company culture you’ve worked so hard to build.  Additionally, this unique exit strategy empowers employees to take an active role in… Read more »

3 Ways to Combat Financial Fraud

Financial fraud is more common than many business owners may believe and can lead to serious financial damage. To learn three key strategies to protect your company, I recommend this article from You can read it by clicking here. If you’d like to discuss other ways to safeguard against fraud, feel free to reach me… Read more »