5 Best Apps for Small Business Owners

With over 28 million small businesses in the U.S accounting for 54% of all sales, it is obvious that small businesses make a huge impact on the economy. And as new technologies emerge, owners are able to run their businesses more efficiently. In fact, 66% of small business owners said that they use mobile devices to run their day-to-day operations. With such a large number of proprietors utilizing various mobile devices, it is important that we discuss mobile applications that can make the hectic life of a business owner much easier. Here are our top 5 apps for small business owners, and how they can help.

1. Evernote

Cost: Free for basic service

About: With over 100 million users worldwide, Evernote is a cloud-based app that allows its user to create, organize and share text, photos and voice notes. It is also a place for keeping expense reports and business cards.

Why it is perfect for business owners: This app can help those who are always on the go and in need of keeping notes in order.

2. Square Register

Cost: Free (The square card reader must be purchased separately)

About: This payment system app works well with any mobile devices and gives people an instant register (Although it takes 2.75% with every swipe). This app can also help track sales and inventory and apply discounts and give refends.

Why it is perfect for business owners: This app is great for business owners with limited space or who travel a lot. A POS (point of sale) system allows you to take your business offline and sell at trade shows, farmers markets and pop-up shops.

3. WinStreak

Cost: Free

About: WinStreak is a tool to help individuals increase productivity by allowing its users to set up goals or “wins” to be achieved by the end of the day. Not only is this a sure fire way to remain organized, it can encourage positivity and a sense of achievement by helping you stick to a few achievable goals a day.

Why it is perfect for business owners: Business owners understand that success isn’t an overnight phenomenon.It’s something you’ve got to work for every day. With this app you can stay on top of the short-term goals that will help you conquer long-term goals in the future.

4. Pocket Analytics

Cost: 8.99

About: Pocket Analytics gives its user easy-to-read charts detailing their analytics from various websites, such as Google Analytics or Facebook analytics, and presents it all on one consolidated dashboard. Unfortunately this app is only available for IOS users.

Why it is perfect for business owners: It is always important to keep track of where you stand on various platforms, and this app can make it easier by showing you data in one screen.

5. Venmo

Cost: Free

About: This app changes the way entrepreneurs handle money. Venmo takes away all of the costs, fees and frustration connected with sending and transferring money to banks and allows its users to collect and send money overnight. It is also completely secure and backed by PayPal. Did we mention it was free?

Why it is perfect for Business owners: Now that sending and collecting money is a ton easier, business owners can save time and avoid fees.

While they may seem simple, these apps can give you and your business some added assistance when trying to build and grow. Ready for more tips? Sign up for our monthly ecommerce tip below.

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