Strategies to Keep Your Business Steady During a Recession

strategies to keep your business steady during a recession

If your business is starting to feel the impacts of a recession, it’s time to get focused on problem solving. There are many strategies you can implement to weather the storm and build an even stronger company into the future. When considering what to do, it’s important to consider both offensive and defensive strategies. To… Read more »

Prepare for an Exit by Growing Your Business

business people at a table agreeing on an exit strategy

Business owners often say they’ll “exit when the time is right.” In reality, unexpected circumstances often drive the timing and terms — and not to the business owner’s advantage. You can avoid this situation by starting to prepare now for your eventual sale. If you actively build your business around value and not just revenue… Read more »

Tactics for Reeling in Business Investors

Business Funding Strategies

Securing funding for your business is more than just laying out the positives and negatives. Your approach must be tailored to fit your potential investors. For insights into choosing the best strategy for your situation, I recommend a recent article from Forbes. Click here to read it. If you would like further advice on source… Read more »

Smart Ways to Increase Your Company’s Value

business valuation

If you’re like many business owners, you’ve invested countless hours growing your company with an eye toward one day selling and retiring. However, a business valuation is sometimes an overlooked piece of the puzzle for a successful sale. So, regardless of your company’s stage of life, it’s important to have a valuation done to ensure… Read more »

Create a Win-Win Situation With Proper Exit Planning

exit planning win

Many business owners view exit planning purely from a seller’s perspective with the end goal of selling the business for maximum profit. But exit planning, when done properly, actually helps both the buyer and the seller in different ways. For some excellent insights on preparing for a winning exit, check out this great article from… Read more »