Is Your Company a Good Investment?

office work space represents business for sale

When it’s time to sell your company, it’s essential to consider whether or not others will consider it a profitable investment. To learn qualities your company needs to make sure it’s a good investment, read this Forbes article. If you need help preparing your business to sell, call me at 214-402-8315 or email me at… Read more »

Can Artificial Intelligence Help Your Company?

artificial intelligence

As technology evolves, we are all faced with decisions about whether to embrace it or not. One technology that must be reckoned with in the finance industry is artificial intelligence. According to an article that I recently read in Forbes, the Accounting industry is beginning to explore how Artificial Intelligence may change the traditional roles… Read more »

Should You Focus on Cash Flow or Profit First?

coins represent cash flow image by Mathieu Turle on Unsplash

I recently read an article on and found it to be an interesting perspective on cash flow. The main point is that cash flow should be your first focus as opposed to concentrating on profits. While this is great advice in some circumstances, profits cannot be ignored.  I have found that a cash centric strategy is not the complete answer for all… Read more »