Increased Business Literacy Leads to Higher Profits

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Employees can be the greatest asset or the greatest liability of your business, depending on how well they comprehend company goals and practices. While a “business-illiterate” workforce can completely undermine your company’s bottom line, knowledgeable employees can significantly contribute to boosting overall profits. To address this, many companies try to teach business literacy through expensive… Read more »

Why You Should Think About Your Exit Before You Even Start

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At first thought, it may seem strange and a bit negative to tell someone to think about how their business is going to end before starting it. But, in practice, this is a very powerful technique to ensure that your business becomes all that it can be and accomplishes the goals that will really matter… Read more »

Five Financial Reports You Should Be Running

Five Financial Reports You Should Be Running

A doctor can tell you a lot about your physical health by running a few key tests.  In the same way, you can gain valuable insight into the growth and development of your business by administering regular  financial “check-ups.” However, in today’s high-tech, data-rich world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer variety of… Read more »

Protect Your Business With Financial Controls

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How much fraud risk exists in your company?  This likely can be greatly reduced with the right financial controls. To learn about financial controls that can help, read this article by David Finkel on Click here to read the article. If you’d like advice about how to implement these or other financial controls, call… Read more »