Obamacare Hurts the Core of America

Make no mistake, Obamacare hurts the core employers of America.  How so? First, large employers are exempt from some of the rules.  Large employers with over 100 FTE’s are exempt from many of the regulations regarding what is considered “Essential Health Benefits.”  Thus the larger employers will have the ability to offer health plans that… Read more »

Part Time Employees and Obamacare

So if you think the because you hire part-time workers, you will not have to worry about Obamacare regulations?  Time to think again. As a refresher, remember Obamacare pertains to any business with 50 or more full time equivalent employees (FTE) .  One of those employees will need to get a subsidy before the employer’s… Read more »

Analyze Less and Do More?

We’ve all heard the phrase “paralysis through analysis”.  Some of us have even felt the negative effects that this has created for our businesses.  I ran across an article recently that had a really nice summary of this phenomenon and some advice on how to avoid it. http://www.inc.com/young-entrepreneur-council/best-advice-i-ever-got-jesse-pujji.html Jesse Pujji of Ampush Social summarized his… Read more »

ObamaCare Primer for Small Businesses

Most Americans will tell you that health care reform is long overdue. This country has traditionally had the very worst healthcare in the developed world by a longshot. Even those of us who can afford health insurance frequently fly to such farflung locales as India and Bangkok to avoid the bureaucratic and financial burdens to… Read more »