The B2B CFO GamePlan®


Bad news: For most business owners, selling their business is the biggest sale they will ever make, one in which they have the most risk and where they have the least experience. Unfortunately, there may be hundreds of obstacles in selling a business.

Good news: Our process helps to identify the obstacles owners face when selling their business. We have the tools and talents to assist clients to possibly overcome these hurdles with the desire to help them achieve their business transition goals.

The US Chamber of Commerce reports that only 6% of businesses sell. About 70% of would-be sellers never make it to the market. Of those who do, about 24% fail (The Exit Strategy Handbook, p. 25).

One of the hurdles owners face is the possible reduction of the value of their business during the period of time when the sales process begins and ends, as shown in the following graph.

We have invented software, called B2B Exit® to help business owners to overcome the hurdles of selling or transferring their business.

We also have an award-winning book that owners can use to overcome the hurdles standing between them and their dream.

Our goal is to show you how you can tackle the hurdles that stand between you and your dream and to possibly show you how to get the best possible return on the investments of money, blood, sweat and tears you’ve put into your business.

Our goal is to help solve these needs for business owners on a cost-effective basis.

Our process to help business owners with business transition needs is to spend about an hour with the owner to chat and to listen about their concerns. The meeting is confidential. The goal is to understand the needs of the owner in order to take the next step.

The next step is to complete The Discovery Analysis™. This is a four-step process, which usually takes about two hours with the company’s staff.

  1. Meet with and interview the company’s staff, which is typically the head of accounting and/or operations.
  2. Look at the company’s financial information and computer systems.
  3. Benchmark the company’s financial information against its industry averages.
  4. Create a confidential report of our key findings.

The next step is to complete The Strategy Session™. This is a four-step process.

  1. Meet with the owner for about 30 minutes to confidentially discuss the key findings from The Discovery Analysis™.
  2. Give the owner a complimentary copy of the industry comparison report.
  3. Review The Strategy Gameplan™.
  4. Discuss a preliminary timeline for The Performance Period™.

The next step is to complete The Performance Period™. This is a three-step process.

  1. Implement the agreed-upon action steps discussed in The Strategy Session™.
  2. Meet regularly with the business owner to discuss progress made.
  3. Meet immediately with the business owner if something important is discovered that was not discussed or known in The Strategy Session™.

The next step is to complete The Assessment Report™. This is a three-step process.

  1. Report the results of the agreed-upon action steps discussed in The Strategy Session™.
  2. Document and discuss any benefits or rewards from the services performed by B2B CFO®.
  3. Begin or continue an ongoing relationship with the owner as a trusted business transition business advisor.

In all that we do we follow The B2B CFO GamePlan® to meet the needs of owners of privately-held companies.