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The 4 Traits of The Most Successful Leaders

If you ask a roomful of professionals what are the essential characteristics of a successful leader, you most likely will get a long list. But, the question is, are all of these traits necessary and translate into significant results for the organization. According to research done by the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, the answer is no.… Read more »

Business Expansion Warnings: Look Before You Leap

As a business owner, it’s exciting to contemplate a business expansion. While this enthusiasm is good, it can lead initiating a business expansion before your company is really ready. According to this article I came across, there are several red flags that you need to watch for before fully engaging in a business expansion. To… Read more »

How to Avoid Strategic Errors in Your Company

chess game represents strategy

Every business is faced with many kinds of decisions but some are more critical than others. The challenge is that many leaders confuse strategic decisions with tactical or operation decisions. To make the best decisions, one must recognize the difference between them and understand that tactical and operation errors can usually be corrected but strategic… Read more »