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Is Your Company a Good Investment?

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When it’s time to sell your company, it’s essential to consider whether or not others will consider it a profitable investment. To learn qualities your company needs to make sure it’s a good investment, read this Forbes article. If you need help preparing your business to sell, call me at 214-402-8315 or email me at… Read more »

Why You Should Think Twice About Earn-Out Deals

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When buying or selling a business, one deal structure that can be used is an “earn-out,” where the final negotiated price is determined by the seller’s value at a later date. While this may seem like a tempting path, it is usually a mistake for both parties for many reasons. To learn about the potential… Read more »

How to Equip Leaders for a Successful Merger

leadership team hands huddle to begin merger

Thinking about merging with another business? It’s a massive, high-risk venture that can go south quickly. So what’s the biggest key to success? According to an article I read on recently, it’s the readiness of your leadership team. In order to respond effectively to the constantly-changing dynamics of a merger, leadership capability building must begin well… Read more »