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7 Steps to Make an Exit Painless

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For businesses in a growth phase, taking the time to think of and plan for an exit may seem counterproductive. But taking steps to prepare for an exit well in advance can make the entire process much easier and increase the sales price dramatically. To learn seven steps to make your exit less painful and… Read more »

Ignite Growth & Prepare to Exit With Incentive Plans

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According to an article in, it’s essential to motivate managers to facilitate growth and stay with the company through a sale to achieve a highly profitable exit. So how do you do this? Incentive plans. By setting up properly designed incentives, you can not only motivate employees to achieve the growth needed to obtain maximum… Read more »

Employee-Owned Businesses: A Win-Win Alternative in Saturated Markets

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With the large number of baby boomers retiring , many areas of the country are experiencing an overwhelming increase in the number of  businesses for sale. While several  options are available to the seller, transferring the businesses’ ownership to the employees is one option that can be a win-win for everyone. To learn more about… Read more »

3 Keys to a Successful Business Sale

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If you want optimal value when selling your business in the future, planning well in advance is essential. To get started and learn three keys to a successful business sale, read this informative article on If you would like to talk about specific exit strategies for your business, you can reach me at 214-402-8315 (office/cell) or

The Best Exit Strategy: Know Your Numbers!

If you’re working on an exit strategy for the near future or long-term, there are many considerations but knowing your numbers is one of the most important. Investors want to know if your business is sustainable and will grow long after the acquisition. The only way to answer that is with metrics that are important… Read more »