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How to Sustain Your Business In Tough Times

offensive strategies for COVID-19

Here is a great summary of offensive and defensive strategies to help you manage the current financial crisis. Kudos to my friend Tom Meyer and his fellow Scaling Up Coaches Zahir Ladhani and Sid Panjwani for sharing these graphics. This is great advice for getting us through these tough times. If you’d like more advice… Read more »

Prepare for an Exit by Growing Your Business

business people at a table agreeing on an exit strategy

Business owners often say they’ll “exit when the time is right.” In reality, unexpected circumstances often drive the timing and terms — and not to the business owner’s advantage. You can avoid this situation by starting to prepare now for your eventual sale. If you actively build your business around value and not just revenue… Read more »

Avoid the Pitfalls of Price Cuts

price word cut by scissors

In today’s challenging business market, you may be tempted to slash prices in order to stay ahead of the competition. However, this strategy may not truly be in your best interest. In fact, it could turn into a recipe for disaster. To learn more about why this isn’t always a great strategy, I recommend that… Read more »


As you reflect on your blessings this past year, we enjoy sharing a few of ours. Tracy reached her 6th year anniversary in October with Ally Financial. Glen celebrated 11 years as B2B CFO® partner. He coaches new partners and led business transition training. Jenny renewed her lease with two DG friends, in uptown where… Read more »