What makes B2B CFO different? One key element is the focus on team and staff development. When starting a relationship with a new client, the focus remains on building the existing resources. This includes staff, systems and outside relationships.

Staff changes are expensive. Loss of historical knowledge cannot not be measured. Transition cost of hiring and training can be measured in real dollars, but the stress on the organization can only be “felt” by others. Finally, the opportunity benefit of building and retaining staff can only be recognized when key staff members remain loyal and work with a passion and commitment that cannot be fully explained.

As part of my ongoing professional continuing education, I became a certified coach for B2B CFO. This coaching encompassed several full days of classroom training, and an 8 week course. In addition, there is regular monitoring of my coaching activities. I believe that this effort makes me more effective for each of my clients.

B2B CFO’s coaching program is based upon Ron Willingham’s book Integrity Selling  and provides a foundation for developmental coaching.  The Developmental Coaching process includes a basic process of :

  1. Ask
  2. Listen
  3. Coach
  4. Praise
  5. Challenge

My clients appreciate the fact that I am working on building their valuable Human Assets.  Staff that I work with enjoy learning and appreciate the investment that their company is making on improving their abilities.

At this year’s Smart 25 Awards, one honor I received was being recognized as the Top Coach for the B2B CFO organization.  I was honored and surprised by this award.  My goal has always been simple:  help others be the best that they can be, sharing my experience and knowledge so that others can improve on it even further.

I believe that this spirit of building your existing resources is one key difference of B2B CFO.


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