Don’t Make This Common Product Mix Mistake

By nature, entrepreneurs are ambitious and love to chase after new profit opportunities. However, that very tendency can turn around and back fire if they decide to introduce too many new products and services too fast without doing their due diligence. To avoid this pitfall, a business owner must make sure they know the profitability of each product or service by itself. In doing so, the owner can figure out which products and services are really worth keeping. This may seem like obvious advice but the reality is that it can take a lot time and expertise to analyze the costs of certain products and many entrepreneurs lack the expertise or the time in a fast growing business. To learn some important strategies needed in determining this process and your right product mix, check out this excellent article on If you would like more in depth assistance, please feel free to contact me at 479-409-3822.

photo credit: Joe The Goat Farmer Oops, Goofs via photopin (license)

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