Is Your Exit Strategy Setting You Up for a Good Retirement?

couple sitting on beach watching sunset during retirement after selling their businessThe statistics show that a large majority of Americans are not financially prepared for a good retirement. Fortunately, if you’re a business owner, the sale of your business can help you escape the statistics – but only if you properly prepare. Many business owners wait until retirement is close before they start thinking about their retirement strategy. This can lead to a less than stellar business value that may not yield enough funding to sustain your lifestyle during retirement.  So, whether you’re getting close to retirement or it’s still a few years down the road, now is the time to start preparing for it. Many business owners are unaware or unprepared for the myriad of complexities involved in a business transition. To learn more about the keys to preparing for your business transition well before retirement, I encourage you to read an article on

To help address the challenge of preparing business owners for a successful business transition, B2B CFO® has created an educational program called The Business Sale Solution™. The seminar demystifies a business transition and arms business owners with practical information such as: how to understand the buyers and their motivating factors; calculating EBITDA and multipliers; handling the due diligence process; and creating successful transition teams. To learn more about this educational resource, watch the TBSS Video.

If you would like personalized help with growing or exiting your business, I welcome you to contact me for a no-cost consultation at or (972) 689-1981.


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