The Exit Strategy™ Seminar 2014 Gets People Talking!

If you didn’t have a chance to experience our TESH Seminar 2014, you missed out on some great networking and content. This year we had 238 attendees including 100 (42%) business owners and 56 (24%) individually registered professionals in addition to 72 (30%) trusted network relationship sponsor representatives and 10 Dallas-Fort Worth B2B CFO® partners.

Take a look at what some of our attendees are saying

: A business owner became a new client after last years’ event.  He returned and brought his minority partner.  The client said it was a valuable refresher and the minority partner said it was great and really helped him appreciate the proactive strategic planning the primary owner/client committed to after last year’s event.

Another client said it was fantastic.  It helped him appreciate the value of beginning to establish strategic exit planning now given their three equal partners may not agree on long term timing and alternatives and their five year goal may consider selling the business.

A first time sponsor who participates in sponsoring numerous ‘events’ said the networking traffic, flow and stamp worked great.  They liked inviting guests and said it was a reasonable cost for the value.  They liked the network breaks between presentation segments.  They appreciated the mix of reconnecting with network professional relationships and business owners, and it was conducive to Fort Worth and Dallas.

Didn’t have a chance to attend? No worries! Contact one of our regional Partners today to discuss how B2B CFO® can help your business!

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