Financial Outlook for US based SMEs in 2015

2015 may prove a good year for small us based businesses. Major forecasts of economic indicators are pointing towards sales and profit growth in small businesses. After the slow growth in the fourth quarter of this year, there is a good chance of economic development in 2015.

Although the interest rates are bound to increase the next year, which may have a depressive effect on the GDP, it is predicted to rise by 3% due more sales and increased spending by consumers. Rising inflation may push business profits up in 2015 with its predicted value to be 2%. Business is expected to see more spending in terms of more investments and major growth in the manufacturing sector. Retail sales are projected to grow by 4.5% in 2015 due to the good economic growth and positive consumer sentiment. Exports may see a decline due to the recent oil price slump and oil imports may see a rising trend, but overall the US small businesses are likely to enjoy a good year of sales growth.

Thus, this year promises higher profits and a positive outlook and will lead to prosperity in the US.

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