As you reflect on your blessings this past year, we enjoy sharing a few of ours.

Glen Katlein family hikingIn July, The Edman Clan gathered with family and friends in Bay View, MI to celebrate Dad Edman’s life.

Tracy reached her fourth year anniversary in October with Ally Financial. Glen celebrated 9 years as a B2B CFO® partner. He continues to lead business transition training and coach new partners.

Tracy and Glen love being invited to treat family dinners on Sundays as Kristy and Kirk, and Jenny live within a half hour of our house, and there is no shortage of restaurants that we all know and like. We look forward to Glen’s sister Terri visiting for Christmas this year. We all enjoyed an amazing 10 day Hawaii vacation in July, 3 days in Waikiki, and 7 night Norwegian cruise with Maui, Kauai, and 2 Big Island ports. We were exhilarated by hiking to waterfalls, snorkeling, hiking to Diamond Head, a first class Luau show, Volcano hike, horseback riding, and the Road to Hana.

Jenny joined the Frisco RoughRiders (AA minor league Texas Rangers’ affiliate). She is passionate about her role as a Partner Services Coordinator. After completing a rewarding year as a Collegiate Development Consultant for her sorority organization, she is settling into her Sport Management career. After the baseball season ended, she finished moving into her uptown apartment.

Kristy and Kirk celebrated their third anniversary in June. Kristy is now in her 6th year of teaching elementary school (year 3 of 2nd grade). Kirk joined O’Reilly Auto Parts to continue his thriving IT recruiting career. Jack is their playful 4 year old Corgie Dachshund mix. They do like cooking and traveling, as they enjoy their townhome life. We will miss them Christmas Day while they are traveling to Spain and Portugal.

Glen Katlein's dog SonnySonny is our 9 year old rescue still in a Yellow Lab suit with his hyper Jack Russell Terrier temperament. His Jack Russell side refuses to swim; however, he loves to romp the shoreline, requiring towel baths every walk and jog. He wakes Glen right before the alarm for weekday morning walks and escorts Glen to the closet to dress for evening and weekend jogs. He always has energy to burn, regardless of the weather or construction!

During this holiday season and in 2018 you are among the blessings for which we are thankful throughout the year!

Glen, Tracy, Jenny, Kristy, Kirk, and Sonny

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