Hire the Right Employee: Protect Your Bottom Line by Avoiding Common Hiring Mistakes

You’ve spent countless hours building your business, and hiring the wrong employee can cause unthinkable damage to your bottom line.  According to Jörgen Sundberg, founder of Undercover Recruiter, a bad hire can end up costing your business around $840,000.  That’s a price no company wants to pay.

So how can you avoid this? Here’s a great article from HubSpot which identifies four common reasons behind poor hiring choices.  Awareness of these pitfalls can help you steer clear of them, ensure your new employee succeeds and save thousands of dollars. To read the article, click here.

If you need some help reviewing the financial impacts of your hiring process, feel free to contact me at at bobboulanger@b2bcfo.com or 214-454-9051.

photo credit: danniatherton Image Library Danni Atherton Canberra ACT via photopin (license)

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