How to Drastically Reduce Telecom Costs

Managing telecom expenses can be a time drain and daunting responsibility given the number of options and details to review.  But by doing it right you can save your company thousands of dollars while sticking to your core focus.  According to a whitepaper by Integrated Communications, there are several “secrets” that can be used to decrease telecom costs, which include landline, long distance, wireless, internet, data, etc.

The first secret is to benchmark your services with an independent audit.

  • Get an Audit:  To get where you want to go, you first have to understand where you are. In an endeavor to reduce your telecom costs, you must first understand clearly what your business needs are, what services you are currently using, and where gaps or overlaps may be. Once you have this understanding, you can begin to adjust where necessary, to ensure you aren’t skimping in one area while overpaying in another. With the rate of technology advances ever increasing, doing an annual review of your needs and services is a great way to ensure you’re always covered.

The second secret is to find a skilled, trusted, independent telecom advisor without ties to any telecom companies that would incline them to bias their recommendations to existing solutions.

  • Use a Technology Consultant:  There are many advantages to using a telecom consultant or agent rather than going carrier direct. A telecom consultant will often perform audits and other services at no charge. They act as your trusted advisor and can custom design a solution for you based on your individual needs. And since most are not tied to one carrier over another, they will help you select from the best the entire industry has to offer. They also know through experience which carriers have the best service, which to watch out for, and which to avoid altogether. This alone cannot only save you thousands of dollars, it can also save you hundreds of hours of frustration.

The other secrets are summarized below:

  • Watch out for surcharges and fees
  • Beware of auto-renewals
  • Watch out for billing errors
  • Inventory management is a MUST!
  • Right-size your solution
  • New technologies (can do more for less)
  • Plan for fluctuations in usage
  • Renegotiate contracts
  • Mind your security

For more ways to drastically reduce your telecom costs, read the whitepaper in full here: IntegratedComm-11-Secrets-to-Lower-Your-Telecom-Cost.  If you need or would like an independent telecom consultant or audit to drastically reduce your expense, I can help you.

photo credit: online shopping via photopin (license)

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