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Aug 25Glen Katlein

M&A Incubator Program™

Aug 25Glen Katlein
As a part of our Exit Stratagy, we are proud to offer a new Incubator Program:M&A Advisors and Investment Bankers could be losing millions a year in fees to competitors!

B2B CFO® helps you earn those fees!

Challenge to M&A Advisors and Investment Bankers

Our conservative estimates show that over a five-year period you turn down roughly $87.5M in fees. These fees may end up with your competitors.

  • You spend a lot of time and money finding clients, only a few are ready for an exit transaction NOW.
  • You don’t have a formal process to get them ready for an exit.
  • When they are ready for an exit transaction, they may go with a competitor of your company.

The Solution

The B2B CFO® M&A Incubator Program™ allows M&A Advisors and Investment Bankers to have a “farm club” of companies that may be potential clients. B2B CFO® has the skills to help these companies complete the tasks needed in order to present them to the market. Below are the additional benefits of obtaining a license in our program.

  • Say “YES” to a company that wants your services but is not quite ready.
  • Tell B2B CFO® the tasks the company needs to accomplish in order to qualify for a transaction.
  • Receive a confidential monthly update from us on the progress of each of the tasks.
  • Maintain your relationship with the potential client at all times, keeping competitors away.
  • You own the information, reduce risk of salespeople taking your clients.

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