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Providing CFO services and Business Transition Services in Fort Smith, AR and surrounding areas


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Ken Crawford

Fort Smith, AR CFO

28 Years of Experience

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(972) 740-4171


Brigham Young University

University of North Texas

Certificates & Licenses:

B.S. 1989

M.B.A. 1996

CTP 2017


The Feng

Association of Financial Professionals

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Ken’s Bio

Ken has over 28 years of corporate finance and accounting experience, including roles as CFO, Divisional CFO, Vice President of Finance, Accounting, and Human Resources for both enterprise and growth stage companies. His experience includes public Fortune 500 companies and private small to medium-sized firms with revenues ranging from $3 million to $1 billion. Ken has assisted business owners prepare and sell their companies, and has helped in the ownership transition. While Ken’s domestic experience has covered most major business regions across the United States, he is bilingual and has worked extensively in Mexico and other Latin America countries. He has a strong background in financial planning, profit reporting and improvement, acquisitions and divestitures, consolidations, and technology.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Finance and Accounting Management
  • Profitability and Management Reporting
  • Revenue and Cost Modeling
  • Cost Analysis and Expense Reduction
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Improving Cash Collection Systems and Processes
  • Acquisitions, Divestitures, and Integration's
  • Analyzing and administering Payroll and Benefit Plans
  • Managing Relationships with Bankers/Auditors
  • Hiring, Training, and Mentoring of Staff
  • Technology, Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution

Ken received a B.S. in Business Management, with an emphasis in Finance, from Brigham Young University and a M.B.A. in Finance from the University of North Texas. Ken resides in Fort Smith, AR with his wife Michele and four children, where they are active in their church and community. In his spare time, he enjoys personal fitness, reading, and attending his children’s sports and music activities.

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Recent Articles

Jul 8Ken Crawford

Are You Paying Too Much For Credit Card Processing?

Jul 8Ken Crawford

Yes, yes you are.  Credit card processing fees are not for the faint in heart, and while the fees can be categorized, there are over 700 possible billing elements depending on the card and the incentives attached to the card, and sifting through when and where each charge is assigned is no simple task.  To quote Merchant Maverick, “Credit card processing fees are extensive, complicated, and somewhat overwhelming.” In their  blog entitled, The Complete Guide to Credit Card Processing Rates

Jun 5Ken Crawford

How to Drastically Reduce Telecom Costs

Jun 5Ken Crawford

Managing telecom expenses can be a time drain and daunting responsibility given the number of options and details to review.  But by doing it right you can save your company thousands of dollars while sticking to your core focus.  According to a whitepaper by Integrated Communications, there are several “secrets” that can be used to decrease telecom costs, which include landline, long distance, wireless, internet, data, etc. The first secret is to benchmark your services with an independent audit. Get

May 21Ken Crawford

Walking in Circles

May 21Ken Crawford

Just like people, businesses who get lost tend to walk in circles. Jan L. Souman, a German psychologist, wanted to determine scientifically if this was true. He took participants of an experiment to a large forest area and to the Sahara desert and used a global positioning system to track where they went. They had no compass or any other device. Instructions to them were simple: walk in a straight line in the direction indicated. Dr. Souman later described what happened.

Apr 28Ken Crawford

Seller Beware Part IV (Final)

Apr 28Ken Crawford

How to Combat Dirty Tricks When Selling Your Business This is the concluding post where I’ve urged caution when selling your business.  If you’ll recall, buyers often play dirty tricks to wear down a business owner during the due diligence phase of the transaction.  Promise of a quick transaction with a high price are followed by power plays, and psychological warfare which are all designed to wear out a business owner so they “give in to all kinds of last

Apr 11Ken Crawford

Seller Beware Part III

Apr 11Ken Crawford

Exiting Your Business Be cautious when selling your business.  My last two posts described some of the dirty tricks a buyer will play on the seller.  Whether the buyer offers a large price for the firm and suggest the deal can be completed in just weeks, engages in power plays or psychological warfare, the seller needs to be on notice that all of this may be designed to weaken their resolve to sell their business at full value. Unethical practices,

Mar 14Ken Crawford

Seller Beware Part II

Mar 14Ken Crawford

BUYER POWER PLAYS & PSYCH OPS A power play is a maneuver in which an advantage is sought, and psychological operations (or warfare) are used to influence emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately behavior.  It’s important to unmask these tactics when they are deployed.  For a business owner ready to exit his or her business, after spending countless hours and personal capital (financial and emotional), can be taken off guard when working with potential buyers.   Verne Harnish (aka, the “Growth

Mar 8Ken Crawford

Seller Beware Part I

Mar 8Ken Crawford

I had the opportunity to help one of my favorite clients evaluate a potential merger with another, larger firm.  After years of building his firm, he was ready to see it go to an even higher level of success with his suitor.  Selling your business can be exciting times, and while this merger did not come to fruition, any proposed or actual merger can be a challenge to navigate. In most cases the party on the others side of the

Feb 20Ken Crawford

The Entrepreneurs Library – The Exit Strategy

Feb 20Ken Crawford

Do you have an exit strategy? In this audio clip, B2B CFO® Founder Jerry Mills shares all his insights on his book, The Exit Strategy Handbook, where he reveals the best way business owners can prepare themselves for selling a business.   photo credit: pennstatenews Business team via photopin (license)