P|E|A|K Radio Over the E.D.G.E. Asks a B2B CFO on Corporate Efficiency

P|E|A|K Radio Over the E.D.G.E. recently interviewed Keith Simmons, partner at B2B CFO, about the corporate efficiency. This power-packed show deep dives in to the importance of corporate efficiency, revealing its significance to the future of your business, and helps those wanting to know where to go for assistance.

Listeners will hear:

  • Understanding how company issues often result in under-performance
  • Identify root causes and implement effective corrective actions.
  • The need to address issues that contribute to under-performance
  • Employee engagement and the impact on your bottom line along with improved processes, controls and profitability
  • How to implement an infrastructure that brings immediate improvement and supports continued growth and greater levels of future success

Click here to listen to the Interview

photo credit: Join Our Team via photopin (license)

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