Chris James

Keller, TX
37 Years of Experience

About Chris James

Chris joined B2B CFO®; in July 2, 2009. His has served many companies, ranging from $500,000 to $90 million in sales, supplying CFO services on an as-needed basis. Industries served include manufacturing, distribution, retail, chemical, construction, and various service industries. While each company is very different, they all share the same goal of increasing profits and cash performance.

Some of the accomplishments achieved for his clients include the following:

  • On a combined basis, his clients closed $25 million in loans with various banks. Of that amount, $20 million was in term debt with quarterly principal payments extending to 19 years.
  • Chris was able to increase a client’s net worth from a negative at the end of 2009 to a positive equity position of $4 million by the end of May, 2010.
  • Another of his clients had lost money every month in the second half of 2009. That company has now enjoyed monthly profitability every month in 2010.

All of Chris’s clients now use both a short and long term cash forecast. These tools help identify potential problems with their bank covenants and future cash availability.

He has worked with one retail client, with over 150 locations. He has improved their internal controls, provided an 18-month financial forecast that includes working capital performance, and identified seven figure improved profitability.

Chris leads all of his client’s controllers/bookkeepers to an improved awareness and effectiveness in their respective positions. In all cases, the client’s main finance employee has an improved relationship with the business owner, who in turn can focus on growing their company.

Prior to joining B2B CFO®; Chris worked for five different companies spanning almost 30 years. Chris grew up in the Chicago area. He received his degree in Economics from Northwestern University and his MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Chris passed the CPA exam in 1986 on the first sitting. The fact that these distinctions were earned while working full time illustrates Chris’ work ethic.

Chris brings passion and energy to every business he works with. Having worked with both high growth and turnaround companies, Chris will deliver solutions in any situation your business faces.

If your business can benefit from improved profitability, increased cash flow, entrepreneurial insight, financial structure/discipline, enhanced banking relationships, and strategic planning, then Chris James will be a valuable partner for your business. What’s more, he can deliver this at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone with the skillset he possesses.

Chris has been married for 33 years and has three children and one grandchild. He has served on several boards of directors in Dallas and enjoys golf and sailing.

Other Info


  • Northwestern University
  • Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

Certificates & Licenses:

  • MBA


  • FENG of Dallas
  • FEI of Dallas
  • Vistage
  • Planned Living Assistants

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