Sense of Urgency

I was recently reminded of the difference between working with a small business and working with a very large business. I was meeting with a long time client and we were discussing the projects that were on our agenda to accomplish in a very short period of time when the two of us realized after we put our plan together that the possibility that the tasks would not be accomplished in the timeframe needed never occurred to either of us. This is quite a mind shift for both of us. We both have a history of working for very large corporations in which that very topic would have been central to the meeting. In this case the mind set was totally focused on the practical execution of the goals at hand.

I have said in the past and continue to receive reinforcement that successful small business people are “all in”. They have the most incredible sense of urgency that they use to address critical business issues! I find that I am consistently impressed by how quickly the more successful of these entrepreneurs grasp critical issues facing them and then subsequently motivate their small but cohesive teams into immediate action. When you look at the largest companies that we all tend to want to emulate, you find that there is still a sense of urgency to get things done, but that the execution does not quite compare. Sure thy have more resources to address an issue, but the creativity and shear survival attitude is not as prevalent so solutions tend to take longer to implement.

I feel a sense of extreme pride as I watch my client companies execute in this manner especially when they are following my advice and I get to see successful results as a consequence. This is one of the most satisfying parts of my job as a fractional CFO and I think that every one of us has to take the big picture perspective to celebrate these victories every day. I hope that I will have the privilege to serve these entrepreneurs for as long as they choose to stay in their business.

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