What small businesses can expect in the form of growth for 2015?

Small businesses make the largest portion of enterprises in the business sector. Small businesses can expect the coming year to be a fruitful year based on economic and financial outlook. Small enterprises are likely to encounter growth in sales due a positive consumer and business confidence.

Most business sectors will find growth in the form of new investments as GDP is expected to rise and a positive activity outlook is expected. Exports are predicted to increase for most sectors but the oil sector may find imports to rise due to the price plunge in oil.  Sentiment in the construction sector has greatly improved and businesses in the sector may also see better revenues in some states. As inflation is expected to rise by nearly 2% by the end of 2015, the rise may increase profits for many small businesses.

In conclusion, most of the small business will find growth in sales, new investments, exports and profits. But some sectors may suffer due to the low commodity prices.

photo credit: Adversity via photopin (license)


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