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How to Sustain Your Business In Tough Times

offensive strategies for COVID-19

Here is a great summary of offensive and defensive strategies to help you manage the current financial crisis. Kudos to my friend Tom Meyer and his fellow Scaling Up Coaches Zahir Ladhani and Sid Panjwani for sharing these graphics. This is great advice for getting us through these tough times. If you’d like more advice… Read more »

Create a Win-Win Situation With Proper Exit Planning

exit planning win

Many business owners view exit planning purely from a seller’s perspective with the end goal of selling the business for maximum profit. But exit planning, when done properly, actually helps both the buyer and the seller in different ways. For some excellent insights on preparing for a winning exit, check out this great article from… Read more »

How to Deal with Dwindling Profits Before It’s Too Late

Dwindling Profits

If you’re starting to see dips in your profit, it’s important to take proactive steps. While boosting sales efforts and marketing are the most common, there are a number of other measures that can help. To get other ideas for how to grow profits, I recommend that you read an article on Forbes.com that features… Read more »

Hire the Right Employee: Protect Your Bottom Line by Avoiding Common Hiring Mistakes

You’ve spent countless hours building your business, and hiring the wrong employee can cause unthinkable damage to your bottom line.  According to Jörgen Sundberg, founder of Undercover Recruiter, a bad hire can end up costing your business around $840,000.  That’s a price no company wants to pay. So how can you avoid this? Here’s a… Read more »

Two Numbers Every Business Owner Should Know- David Kirkup

This week’s post comes from fellow Partner- David Kirkup in Atlanta Georgia: There are really only two numbers you need to track in your business. You should know your Current Business Value and your Potential Business Value. Together these numbers can help you improve your earnings, build your retirement fund and ensure you have a… Read more »