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Safeguard Your Business Against Future Risk

Safeguard against risk

Running a business is a matter of balancing potential risks against expected outcomes. Many factors can lead to unexpected financial loss, but a few simple steps can protect your business from significant financial challenges. To help you build a strong foundation, I recommend you read an insightful list of tips from the Forbes Finance Council.… Read more »

Don’t Just Survive; Thrive! When An Economic Crash Does Occur

Contingency planning for success

Recessions are a fact of economic life and when one strikes, damage control should be the focus. The right kind of advance planning puts you ahead of your competition and sets you up to succeed where others fail. To explore the benefits of being proactive instead of reactive by having a solid contingency plan, read… Read more »

Why Skills Trump Innovation in Business Success

Why Skills Trump Innovation in Business Success

Innovation is a hot topic these days – but is it really the key to building a successful company?  A review of the history of some of the most successful companies reveals that they were not innovators but imitators. They just did it better than the innovator, according to an article I recently read on… Read more »

Business Expansion Warnings: Look Before You Leap

As a business owner, it’s exciting to contemplate a business expansion. While this enthusiasm is good, it can lead initiating a business expansion before your company is really ready. According to this article I came across, there are several red flags that you need to watch for before fully engaging in a business expansion. To… Read more »

The Key to Long-Term Success: Don’t Confuse Growth with Scaling

Mid-cap companies have proven themselves a force to be reckoned with in the competitive market of the past decade. Unfortunately, many find themselves stalling out when faced with high growth. The results are lost profits, conflict and a lack of organizational direction. As a mid-cap owner, you can avoid these pitfalls through proper scaling. To… Read more »