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8 Strategies to Sustain Your Business Growth

The current economic expansion has now exceeded a decade in length, which is a long one by historical standards. Of course, this recovery comes on the heels of one of the worst economic recessions in our country’s history. While the economy in most sectors remains reasonably strong, there are mixed signals on how much longer… Read more »

Strategies to Achieve Successful Growth in 2019

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What is your vision for successful growth? Are you focused on the exciting opportunities? Are you suffering challenging growing pains? Regardless of where you are on your journey, how you execute growth may make or break your success. To get some great tips on how to successfully grow in 2019 and beyond, I recommend that… Read more »

Why Skills Trump Innovation in Business Success

Why Skills Trump Innovation in Business Success

Innovation is a hot topic these days – but is it really the key to building a successful company?  A review of the history of some of the most successful companies reveals that they were not innovators but imitators. They just did it better than the innovator, according to an article I recently read on… Read more »

Changes Business Owners Can Make To Drive Profits Higher

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If you’re a business owner who wants to proactively increase profits, I recommend that you read an excellent article I found on Forbes.com. In the article, each of the 13 members of the Forbes Financial Council give their best advice about how to drive higher profits. Several of the recommendations remind me of the advice that B2B CFO® gives “Finders” as… Read more »