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Winning the Competition of Bid Pricing


Do you have a proven best practice strategy for bid pricing?  Do you effectively anticipate your competitors strategy?  If you haven’t addressed these questions, you may be bidding too high or too low, which could spell trouble for your business. Thankfully, a recent article from Forbes.com offers sound advice to simplify the bidding process and win… Read more »

Five Financial Reports You Should Be Running

Five Financial Reports You Should Be Running

A doctor can tell you a lot about your physical health by running a few key tests.  In the same way, you can gain valuable insight into the growth and development of your business by administering regular  financial “check-ups.” However, in today’s high-tech, data-rich world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer variety of… Read more »

How to Increase the Value of Your Business

How do savvy business owners increase the value of their business by strengthening key drivers and maximizing profitability?  I found a helpful article from Forbes.com that highlights six characteristics of high-value companies. Click here to read the article to gain insights for your business. If you’d like further assistance with increasing the value of your company, you can reach… Read more »

Lean Flow: Uncover Hidden Time Wasters to Increase Your Profits

World-class athletes hone their bodies to maximize capability and eliminate unnecessary weight. High-performance aircraft are engineered to derive peak performance and strength from the lightest materials. The same principles apply to business operations. However, many companies forfeit higher profits by being unaware of or not fixing inefficient processes. The reality is that just a few… Read more »

Cash Flow: 9 Tips to Stay in the Black

Business owners have the tendency to focus on sales and overall profit, which is good, but without healthy systems in place to manage cash flow, the health of an organization can be compromised as situations fluctuate. There are three critical principles you must follow to keep an organization’s cash flowing in a healthy manner. Know… Read more »