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Is Your Marketing Strategy Paying Off?

optimize your budget allocations for marketing

Marketing makes up a significant portion of your budget, so it’s essential to make every dollar count. But how do you measure the impact of those advertising dollars? Most businesses use the traditional “marketing mix” model to analyze their marketing strategy, but a recent article from cfo.com points out critical shortcomings in this model. To… Read more »

The Art of Listening: The Key to Good Relationships & Your Next Sale

Have you ever had someone say to you, “Please let me finish,” or “You’re not listening to what I am telling you?” These are all cries for attention. Most people, in the heat of an exchange with others, do not recognize it, or worse, acknowledge it. The people who really make me take note of… Read more »

Increase Your Profits with a Marketing/Finance Collaboration

In the past, finance and marketing have commonly operated as independent entities. Marketing was seen as the creative side and finance as the analytical side. Today, those two worlds are increasingly colliding. Due to the tremendous amount of analytical information about the ROI resulting from online promotions, marketing executives have embraced science to fine tune… Read more »