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Increased Business Literacy Leads to Higher Profits

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Employees can be the greatest asset or the greatest liability of your business, depending on how well they comprehend company goals and practices. While a “business-illiterate” workforce can completely undermine your company’s bottom line, knowledgeable employees can significantly contribute to boosting overall profits. To address this, many companies try to teach business literacy through expensive… Read more »

Changes Business Owners Can Make To Drive Profits Higher

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If you’re a business owner who wants to proactively increase profits, I recommend that you read an excellent article I found on Forbes.com. In the article, each of the 13 members of the Forbes Financial Council give their best advice about how to drive higher profits. Several of the recommendations remind me of the advice that B2B CFO® gives “Finders” as… Read more »

How to Increase Profitability With Value-Based Pricing

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Research shows that value-based pricing is the most successful way to increase profitability – even over cost-cutting measures. While many businesses are nervous about increasing pricing over that of their competitors, there is a process you can follow to develop and implement a new value-based pricing strategy successfully. To learn more, I recommend that you… Read more »

How to Increase the Value of Your Business

How do savvy business owners increase the value of their business by strengthening key drivers and maximizing profitability?  I found a helpful article from Forbes.com that highlights six characteristics of high-value companies. Click here to read the article to gain insights for your business. If you’d like further assistance with increasing the value of your company, you can reach… Read more »