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Changes Business Owners Can Make To Drive Profits Higher

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If you’re a business owner who wants to proactively increase profits, I recommend that you read an excellent article I found on Forbes.com. In the article, each of the 13 members of the Forbes Financial Council give their best advice about how to drive higher profits. Several of the recommendations remind me of the advice that B2B CFO® gives “Finders” as… Read more »

The Critical Role of Finance in Strategic Plans

Strategic Plans and Finance

When developing strategic plans and making decisions, there are three critical factors to consider and finance is an integral part of the mix. To learn how financial goals and metrics help implement strategy and analyze success, check out this article in the Graziadio Business Review. If you need assistance with identifying, implementing, and analyzing these… Read more »

How to Avoid Strategic Errors in Your Company

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Every business is faced with many kinds of decisions but some are more critical than others. The challenge is that many leaders confuse strategic decisions with tactical or operation decisions. To make the best decisions, one must recognize the difference between them and understand that tactical and operation errors can usually be corrected but strategic… Read more »