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Know Your Business’s Worth

scale with value and price on either side

How much is your business worth? This is not a simple thing to determine, but it is one of the most important numbers to have on hand at almost every stage of your company’s development. For help answering this question, I recommend an excellent article from Entrepreneur.com. The article includes links to helpful side articles… Read more »

How to Maximize Value Before You Sell or Exit Your Business

When you decide to sell/exit your business, you obviously want to get the best deal possible. Unfortunately, many business owners fail to prepare far enough in advance, and end up making less than they are expecting. The solution to this dilemma is early planning. The sooner you prepare for a sale, the more control you… Read more »

How to Increase the Value of Your Business

How do savvy business owners increase the value of their business by strengthening key drivers and maximizing profitability?  I found a helpful article from Forbes.com that highlights six characteristics of high-value companies. Click here to read the article to gain insights for your business. If you’d like further assistance with increasing the value of your company, you can reach… Read more »